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Tennessee Paranormal Research and Exploration 

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In this field we investigate public locations that are known to have paranormal activity. We do private home investigations when we get contacted to help. This is a 100% non profit organization we provide a free service to those indeed of help and will not disclose any info about a client unless we have a client's authorization.

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New evidence posted on YouTube channel 

I have posted alot of unedited evps on the YouTube channel some class A some hard to hear excuse the frogs singing and still have alot to go over will be posting more soon

Just completed an investigation at octagon hall a few weeks ago in the process of going over evidence will be posting soon

We investigated octagon hall in franklin ky a couple of weeks ago we investigated for almost 16 hours straight equipment was rolling have a few evps so far still have alot to go over will post to YouTube channel as we get done